We aim to create a safer space for all the members of our community, and to use this group as an opportunity to balance clarity and authenticity with compassion and awareness. We will have moderators reviewing content, but members are always welcome to contact us directly with any concerns.

Pronouns: Do not make assumptions about gender. When talking about a dancer you may not know, do not gender anyone who hasn’t specified. Use descriptors instead.

We agree to check where our cultural/racial privilege/bias comes from before discussing.*

*If you’re talking to an artist of color, check your statement and the language choices you are making for residue of privilege and bias. Let’s use this as an opportunity to hone our language skills towards inclusivity, awareness, and equanimity.

We aim to stretch our aesthetic boundaries to enter the goal space of the artist. We work to challenge, disrupt, and inspire one another without manipulation, prejudice, or aesthetic bias.

We agree to foster honesty and directness while keeping a community free of hostility, aggression, and negativity.

When giving feedback, you can do any or all of the following:

• Mention moments or aspects of the piece that were stimulating, surprising, evocative, memorable, touching or meaningful for you.
• If the artist has left a question, answer it directly, empathically, and honestly.
• If a member has asked for opinion, feel free to share one. Attempt to answer questions within the context you believe it was asked. You are not trying to get the person to make the work YOU want to see, but you ARE giving a personal response to their query.
• Ask neutral questions in which your opinion is not embedded with meaning.*
◦ Embedded with meaning: “Why was that section so long?”
◦ Neutral question: “What is your intention regarding the duration?
◦ *The goal of this is not simply to withhold your opinion, but to attempt to leech opinion from your observation. The key to this is becoming curious. Instead of hiding your opinion, try to release it and become genuinely curious about the choice they made. The answer may surprise you, and the neutral space you provide for them to answer it may draw out more revealing material for them. We are trying to discuss the work on the artists’ own terms.
• Unless the artist has specifically asked for opinions, i.e. “did you like the uniformity of the costumes?” Please do not offer unsolicited opinions.
• Unless the artist specifically requests suggested, NO SUGGESTIONS are welcome.